5 Years.. The Dreams That Just Wont Die


Searching for the right words to effectively convey how I feel about living my dream of Yoonikk’s Kids for 5 years this week, I contacted a creative friend who is an awesome writer, asking for advice on how to get the feelings in my heart down in print. She suggested taking a shower, (where she finds HER inspiration!), or wine. So I may or may not be sitting in the shower right now, glass of wine in hand, pouring my gratitude out to you.

All I can think to say is 5 YEARS, how did that happen? It’s like giving birth to a child, & all of a sudden they are grown, except this baby never left home. And I am grateful. Beyond grateful. In awe, really. In awe of you, my friends, customers, & supporters, who have stuck by me through thick & thin, (& I am not just talking about my weight here. )

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